I remember when I first met Kylie and Stefan on our initial zoom consult. I loved their energy and how sweet they were with each other, how they looked at one another when retelling me how they met and how Stefan proposed.

While these two plan on tying the knot in Connecticut, they actually live out in Utah, so I was SOOO thrilled when they said they wanted to do their engagement photos at the Bonneville Salt Flats – a literal bucket list location for me to shoot at!

I’m currently in New York, so I made my way out to Utah to meet these two and when I say that this was one of the most fun sessions I’ve ever done, I mean it!

Not only did I get to meet these two and their little pupper in person, but we were all laughing the entire time! You wouldn’t know from the photos, but Stefan actually ripped his shirt when leaving for the session, which started the laughter right off the bat.

Kylie and Stefan were down for anything I suggested, from running back and forth to picking each other up. They are full of spunk and spontaneity and joy. Just pure joy for being with each other and being in the moment.

After meeting these two, I cannot wait to see them again on their wedding day.